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Could this be the island that holds the key to unimaginable greatness?

An ancient treasure of such great worth it can only be mentioned in whispers… Sshh! Your quest is to find the treasure before it falls into the wrong hands. Battle the elements, challenge the pirates and master the mud trench to prove you are worthy to hold the precious treasure. But it won't be easy, you'll need a bow and arrow, rafts, canoes, and even need to overcome the jungle traps high in the trees simply to survive. Those who embark upon this quest will be challenged physically, mentally and spiritually as we discover the true greatness revealed in the pages of an ancient scroll – the Bible. Register now for an experience you'll never forget where no man will return the same.

*Please check when your school holidays start as not all schools are on break during this week of camp.
Enjoy this epic Treasure Island staying at Lake Mac's Classic camp accommodation.
This camp is for boys only.

DIRECTOR/S: Ben Matthews

Ben Matthews attends St Paul’s Carlingford and works full-time for CRU Educational Camps running school camps throughout the year. Can’t wait for you to join him on Treasure Island!

Special Offer: Earlybird Discount currently active. You are saving $40 off the Treasure Island camp fee.


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