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Whenever you enter the world of GAME ZONE @ Galston, the unquenchable excitement will be a memory that lasts forever!

The level of awesome for the week will be off the charts. Try and stop the fire of awesomeness as Game Zone lays down the challenges in 25+ LANed computers, wall-to-wall Nintendos, Playstations and Xboxes, a 5m high challenge screen.
There is also heaps of chances to get outside and into thrilling real-life gaming immersion, archery, BMX and a bit of a lounge for the more board-games inclined (and there’s more). The fun won’t stop as we XP-up with learning about how Jesus ‘moded’ through life and the incredible things He has done for us. And so we await to meet our greatest adventurers - see you at Game Zone 2019!

*NOW OPEN TO GIRLS! Camp will be co-ed this year.
**Please check when your school holidays start as not all schools are on break during this week of camp. 
***Game Zone is available to year 7s only if they have previously been on Game Zone. Please contact CRU Camps to arrange registration.

DIRECTOR/S: Zane Garratt

Zane is grateful for life, loves his church at Elevation Hills and constantly wishes someone would invent an actual lightsaber one day. Zane and the team are hyped to see you on the ultimate Game Zone for 2019!

Special Offer: Game Zone Early Bird Special* is currently active. You are saving $40! (*applies to a limited number of confirmed registrations per camp)


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