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Activity Risk Warning

Activity risk warning: Campers may undertake supervised activities on camp that could possibly cause death or injury including but not limited to:

  • Abseiling, rock climbing, giant swing, power fan and other high rope activities: falling from height, abrasion against rock face, falling rocks, rope burn, sunburn.
  • Sailing, canoeing, survivor rafting, log roll, fishing, swimming, boarding, pool games, cruises, waterslides, waterskiing, wakeboarding, ski tube towing and other water activities: drowning, contact with hard surface, fractures, spinal and other injuries from waves, collision and falls, strangling, marine bites and stings, hypothermia, sunburn.
  • Bushwalking, orienteering, campfires, campouts: getting lost, dehydration, falling on rough ground, snakebite, burn from campfire, sunburn.
  • Initiative courses and low ropes: falling from low height (e.g. less than 1m), abrasion and other injury against rock, rope burn, sunburn.
  • Archery: arm and wrist injury from firing a bow, piercing injury from arrow, sunburn.
  • BMX and Motorbike riding: abrasion, bruising and other injury from collision or falling off bike, burns from motorbike engines, sunburn.
  • Indoor and outdoor activities: injury from falling over or physical exertion, collision with other campers while running, allergic reactions, sunburn.
  • Night games: injury from falling over or physical exertion, collision with other campers or objects in poor light.
  • Horse and Pony Riding: Allergies, fractures, abrasions, crush, spinal or other injury from falling or being kicked.
  • Go Karting: abrasion and other injury from collision, burns from engines, sunburn. Fractures, other injuries or death from whiplash and loose items becoming caught.
  • Laser Tag/Skirmish: abrasions and other injuries from falling over or physical exertion, collision with hard surfaces or other campers while running, sunburn.
  • Ice Skating: Ice burns, cuts, abrasions, fractures, breaks and concussion from collisions with ice, walls, blades or hard surfaces.
  • Downhill Skiing: Hypothermia, fractures, spinal or other injury and death from rapid changes in weather, poor visibility and surface conditions, natural and artificial hazards such as rocks, trees, stumps, bare spots, ice, vehicles, lift towers, snow fences and snowmaking equipment.
  • Theme Parks: drowning, sickness from sudden and fast motion, contact with hard surface, fractures, spinal and other injuries from collision and falls, strangling, bruising, hypothermia, sunburn. Additional risks and consequences for each activity at theme parks may be listed on signs at the location.

NB: Risks from activities provided by external providers who require a ‘risk waiver’ or similar document to be signed before participation may not be listed fully above. If required, CRU Camps will make the document available to you. If you are unsure if this applies to your camp, please contact the CRU Camps office.


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