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Find a Christian Group

Explore more about Christianity in a local Christian group

If you’re keen to find out more about Jesus, connecting with your local Christian group is a great place to start. Find your local church, school or uni group below.

Kids Clubs, Youth Groups & Churches

Kids clubs and youth groups meet together regularly (often on a Sunday morning or Friday night) to learn about God, play games and encourage each other. There are heaps of great groups across NSW, see our list of churches that run them to find one near you.

School Christian Groups

Heaps of schools have Christian groups meeting at lunchtimes to learn about God and have fun together. Crusaders run CRU Groups in Private & Christian schools. Find your school CRU Group. If you go to a Public school you can find details of Christian groups here.

University Christian Groups

Many CRU leaders head to Christian groups at their uni’s including AFES and Student Life. They’d love you to join them and check it out.

Can’t find a Christian Group near you?

If you can’t find a Christian group from the links above in your area then please contact us and we’ll help you out.


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