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Privacy Notification Statement

How Crusaders Handles Your Personal Data

How CRU handles your personal data
Crusaders respects your privacy, and is committed to protecting your information and complying with the Australian Privacy Principles.

The Crusader Union of Australia (CRU) respects your privacy, and is committed to protecting your information and complying with the Australian Privacy Principles.

How personal and sensitive information is collected

CRU collects personal and sensitive information that is necessary for carrying out the organisation’s activities. This information is collected by lawful and fair means and is optional, however, if personal information is not provided, CRU may not be able to process camp bookings, donations and receipts or satisfy duty of care requirements.

This information is collected with consent for the intended uses, and is usually collected directly from the individual by way of telephone calls, online forms, hard copy forms, face-to-face meetings, interviews and use of CRU’s websites and emails and social media. CRU will typically collect personal and sensitive information about minors from their parents or guardians.

From time to time, where it is impractical for information to be collected directly, CRU may collect information about individuals or organisations (such as schools, churches and community groups) from social media, a purchased list or online directory. CRU may also receive information from supporters about their acquaintances who may be interested in supporting the organisation’s activities. Where practicable, individuals will be notified of how their information was collected and will be provided with an opportunity to ‘opt out’ of any further contact.

Where practicable, individuals may choose to interact with CRU anonymously or using a pseudonym.

Use of personal data

CRU uses personal and sensitive information to deliver services and products. This includes fulfilling duty of care obligations and understanding more about the needs of customers and clients through surveys.

CRU may use personal and sensitive information to notify our contacts of: special events, new resources or services, other information that may be of interest; and for marketing and fundraising purposes. Individuals will be notified that they may receive marketing materials when their personal information is collected. Where it is impractical to seek the individual’s consent prior to sending marketing communications, this information may still be sent, where individuals may reasonably expect to receive such material.

All CRU’s emails and direct mail marketing feature an ‘opt-out’ clause. If individuals choose to ‘opt-out’ CRU will not contact them again for that particular purpose. Individuals can opt-out by: returning the material and marking the opt-out option or clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ button and setting their preferences in the Online Preference Centre. Alternatively, they can contact CRU’s Privacy Officer on (02) 9874 8933 or [email protected]. Please note that these requests may take up to a month to come into effect.

Group Self Service online portal

CRU acknowledges that guests using our Group Self Service online portal (operated by Venue360) may provide personal and sensitive information in order to plan for their camp. CRU will NOT use any information provided through the Group Self Service online portal for any marketing reason or for any other reason besides the direct preparation of camp.

Disclosure of personal data

CRU does not engage in the selling, renting or exchanging information on our database. CRU only discloses Personal and Sensitive Information:

  • To staff and volunteers to facilitate the smooth running of camps (i.e. directors, leaders and first aid staff)
  • To medical practitioners, in the case of a client requiring medical attention
  • To contractors providing services to a camp (e.g. Surf coaches are provided with information on how far each child can swim)
  • To individuals who assist in CRU programs in schools, e.g. CRU teachers, chaplains or school pastoral staff
  • To organisations, individuals and/or volunteers who assist in CRU’s fundraising and marketing activities, including database services
  • When required by law or for governmental reporting
  • To anyone the individual themselves authorises CRU to disclose information to.

CRU employs a cloud-based database system. As a result, personal information may be transferred to, and stored at, a destination outside Australia, including but not limited to Japan, the United States of America, Chile, Taiwan, Singapore, Finland, Belgium and Ireland. CRU takes all reasonable steps to ensure that third parties comply with the Australian Privacy Principles or similar laws and that the privacy of individuals is protected.

The servers used for the Group Self Service online portal are located solely in Australia.

Access to and correction of personal data

Individuals can request access to their information held by CRU by contacting our Privacy Officer. If an individual believes that any personal data held by CRU is incorrect, incomplete, not up-to-date, or no longer relevant, they can request that the information is corrected and CRU will do so in a reasonably timely manner.


If anyone believes that CRU may have breached their privacy rights, or is concerned about any of our information handling practices, they may contact our Privacy Officer. CRU will promptly investigate the matter and, where appropriate, take steps to remedy these concerns.

CRU’s Privacy Officer:

Ph: (02) 9874 8933 (option 5)
Fax: (02) 9874 0218
Email: [email protected]
Address: PO Box 590, Eastwood NSW 2122 Australia

If you would like a printed copy of this document, please contact CRU’s Privacy Officer. CRU respects your privacy, and is committed to protecting your information and complying with the Australian Privacy Principles.


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