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What parents are saying about CRU Camps

Videos From Camper Parents

We often receive encouraging letters and emails giving us positive feedback on CRU Camps. You can read some of the comments we’ve received below:

“My year 10 son was very reluctant to go to camp, but when I picked him up at the end of camp he was a different young man! He said it was ‘the best camp I have EVER been on,’ and can he please go next year. Thanks to the great leaders!” – Sally, parent

“Our son had a great time at his first CRU Camp…and it gave his sister in Year 12 a chance to study in peace at home! Thank you for taking good care of him.” – Sue, parent

“My son just got back from study camp and got a lot out of it…both study and Christian reinforcement. How do I book for next holidays?!” – Liz, parent

What campers are saying about CRU Camps

95% of campers said that they would come on another camp and recommend CRU Camps to their friends.

CRU Holiday Campers

“It was so much fun and I can’t wait to get all my friends to come with me next time” – Jaime, Summer Trails

“Best five days of the year” – Aaron, Gamezone

“CRU Camps are an experience you would only miss if you don’t know about it” – Melissa, Hunter Hype

“I am so going on another CRU Camp because this one was awesome!” – Niamh, Getaway

CRU HSC Study Campers

“CRU Camps really helped me prepare for trials – thank you!” – Jacqueline

“I had a great time! Perfect balance between study and free time without the distractions of home. FIVE stars!” – Caleb

“Top quality leaders and such a well-run camp.” – Jess

“Most work I’ve done all year – I didn’t realise there was that much time in a day.” – Tim

“I honestly never imagined a study camp to be so fun and enriching” – Isabel


winter Camps

Camper Callouts

CRU Camps provide powerfully formational experiences for boys at Shore, whether it be riding dirt bikes or a study camp for the HSC. CRU Camps have always been staffed and lead by enthusiastic young leaders and the Crusader organisation maintains the highest standards of quality and safety. They are a very valuable educational experience for my students.

- Tim Wright, Headmaster, Shore School

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