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Our Leaders

Our leaders are at the heart of the CRU Camp experience.

Over 900 exceptional volunteer leaders give a week of their time to lead on CRU Camps each year. These leaders are great role models who put caring for your child first, so you can rest assured that they are in good hands.

  • Camp teams are managed and led by a director who is the first point of contact for each camp. Directors are supported by Volunteersexperienced senior leaders and staff.
  • Energetic young adult Christian leaders care for and mentor your children throughout camp.
  • Each camp has at least one leader for every five campers, providing constant supervision and care.
  • All CRU Camp leaders are trained in child protection procedures, fully reference checked and screened in accordance with government child protection legislation.
  • Each camp team has at least two First Aid Officers who can offer immediate assistance if required.
  • We look to have a ‘camp mum and dad’ on Primary aged camps have to comfort young campers who may experience homesickness. This ensures they settle in to camp quickly and make the most of the camp experience.
  • Camp directors are trained in emergency procedures should an accident occur, and a trained medical professional is on call throughout each holiday season to offer advice where needed.

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Camper Callouts

Our son had a great time at his first CRU Camp…and it gave his sister in Year 12 a chance to study in peace at home! Thank you for taking good care of him.

- Sue, parent

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