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After Camp

Welcome Home From CRU Camp!

Home from camp and missing your CRU friends already? Check out stacks of photos; ask and find answers to tough questions; and register for next season with your mates!

Check out your camp photos!

You can see photos from your camp on our Facebook page. These will be uploaded during the week of camp.

Send a message to your leader


Find a kids club, youth group, church or Christian group at school

Keep exploring who Jesus is and be encouraged in your faith:

Find out more about God

Still have questions about God? Check out these cool blogs, talks, articles, videos, links and more.

Feeling down or worried?

Reach out or read up if you (or a mate) aren’t feeling great.

Share your camp story

Did camp change your life? We’d love to hear about it… Tell us your story.

Or you could just go on another camp!


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