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We think every child deserves to enjoy the CRU Camp experience.

We don’t want anyone to miss out due to financial constraints. With the generous support of donors, we are able to offer partial sponsorship to help parents cover the cost of camp. Costs may also be supplemented by a part payment plan.

Please complete the form below if you wish to apply.

CRU Camps Sponsorship Policy

  1. The sponsorship amount on general activity camps is determined on a camp by camp, and person by person basis.
  2. Sponsorship on more expensive camps (e.g. Ski camps, camps to QLD) is limited to smaller amounts, and applicants are advised to apply first for general activity camps.
  3. All sponsorships must be approved by the Director of CRU Holiday Camps before the camper’s application to attend camp can proceed.
  4. A member of the CRU Marketing team will contact campers and their parents (if under 18 years old) after camp to get some feedback about their camp experience. This is to help us encourage our supporters to donate to the ‘Adopt-A-Camper’ Sponsorship Fund and enable many more children to attend a CRU Camp. As your child will have benefited from this fund we strongly encourage you to respond to this request.



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Camper Callouts

Camp was the best time I have ever had. I felt really comfortable to just be myself. It’s so great to just forget your worries and focus on what’s important.

- Louisa – Year 10

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