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With stacks of sailing, tubing, stand up paddle boarding, canoeing, wide games and more, you'll have a summer to remember! It doesn't matter if you’ve never touched a boat before or if you've skippered an America’s Cup yacht! Back on land, we’ll enjoy heaps of activities like rock climbing and abseiling. Each day, we’ll chat about the God of the universe and chill with friends on and off the boats. When the sun sets, we’ll enjoy the stunning views and take part in epic WIDE games.

*Come and stay in our new Lake Mac accommodation!

DIRECTOR/S: Nate Gale & Maddie Baker

Nate is a member at Lane Cove & Mowbray Anglican Church. He became a Christian and was inspired to become a naval architect when he attended this very same camp back in 2004! He's returned to camp every year since!


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