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Get ready to party – Mario style!

Embark on a week of thrilling fun and adventure with Mario and his friends as you play mini games, unlock mystery boxes and collect upgrades. There will also be plenty of time to chill out with new friends - swim in the lake or immerse yourself in boardgames. Most importantly we will also look into Jesus and what he means for us. You will not want to miss out - see you there! View the CRU Hype 2022 Promo Trailer here:

DIRECTOR/S: Damien Wang

Damien has been on many CRU Hype camps. It is the highlight of his year. Damien works for CRU and he attends Epping Church of Christ.

Special Offer: Earlybird Discount currently active. You are saving $40 off the CRU Hype camp fee.


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