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Duke of Edinburgh eligibility

Complete your Duke of Ed residential with CRU!

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Being a camper or leader on a CRU Camp is a great way to achieve the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award Residential Project section. Here are some ways in which certain camps meet the requirements:

Study Camp is a great place to complete your residential project for the Duke of Edinburgh award. On a CRU Study Camp, you will be outside your usual place of residence, with people who are largely new to you, working towards the common goal of studying for your exams and exploring the Christian faith on camp.
General activity camps: Try new experiences and broaden your understanding of the Christian worldview through talks and daily discussion groups.
Leadership camps: develop your skills in leadership and engage in sessions that will challenge you to think about leadership from a Christian worldview.
Specific skills camps (skiing, water skiing, dirt bike): Set goals to improve your skills in the main activity of camp. Work in a team to achieve combined goals too.
Lead on a camp: serve and mentor young campers through a full week of leadership (must meet CRU Camps Volunteer Requirements).

If you are going to be using a CRU Camp for your Residential Project, there are some things to keep in mind:

• You need to ensure that your Award Leader (supervisor) has approved the CRU Camp.
• You need to communicate with CRU Camps your plans to use the particular CRU Camp for the Residential Project and communicate any needs of your Award Unit (e.g. forms for your Assessor).
• You will need to take responsibility for the setting of goals. Our leaders are more than happy to assist you in setting and reaching your goals but they are not responsible for you completing the requirements.
• You need to be in communication with the leader who is your assessor on camp to organise a time for the assessment to be completed at the end of camp.

While CRU Camps volunteers will be very supportive in your completion of the Residential Project, the overall responsibility will be yours.

If you would like to use a CRU Camp for a Residential Project:

To ensure this is a smooth process for you and your assessor, please make sure you are aware of the following process. 

  1. Register for camp and notify us of your intention to complete the Duke of Edinburgh award. You may have already done this by checking the box in your camp registration. You can log onto your registration to check this or email [email protected] to confirm. 
  2. Ensure your award leader (usually at your school) is supportive of you completing your residential project through camp. Your assessor will be one of the camp directors, or a senior leader they delegate. 
  3. Set appropriate goals for the project. These may include goals relating to study, getting to know other campers, exploring faith etc. 
  4. Attend the start of camp briefing run by your assessor. This will be on the first day and make clear to those participating. Make your assessor aware of your goals at this meeting. 
  5. Be an active participant during camp and work towards achieving your goals. 
  6. At the end of camp, collect a completed assessor form from your assessor. NB: campers who make no effort to achieve their goals or contribute positively towards camp culture may not have their project signed off as completed. 
  7. After camp, complete your online record book as soon as possible. This will send a link to your assessor for a final assessment. To ensure assessors are able to remember details of your participation and to respect the time of our volunteer assessors, we cannot guarantee that forms submitted after week 4 of the term following camp will be signed off (e.g. for camps in July, this would be after week 4 of Term 3). This may result in you needing to complete a different residential project. 

We look forward to seeing you on camp and wish you all the best in completing your Duke of Ed Award.

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CRU HSC Study Camps are fantastic. We recommend the Camps to our Year 12s and every year they come back with significant study milestones reached. The camps are particularly good for those who want an environment in which they can concentrate on their studies and not get distracted.

- Dr Tim Hawkes, Headmaster, The King’s School

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