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Camp Parents

Use your experience and gifts with children to help kids feel at home on CRU Camp

Camp Parents have the special role of caring for the extra emotional needs of primary campers, as well as having great opportunities to support the leaders. Having a camp ‘Mum and Dad’ helps make kids feel welcome, safe, and supported. Camp Parents often bring their own children which helps foster a sense of family and community on camp.

Express your interest and we’ll help you find a place to serve that suits your family.

Sample Camp Parent Responsibilities Summary

Before Camp

  • Participate in team meetings as you are able
  • Encourage leaders and help them see camp ‘from a parents perspective’

During Camp

  • Provide support to the directors and leaders (e.g. lead devotions, supervise campers to allow all leaders to attend meetings)
  • Be available for children who might be homesick or struggling with aspects of camp
  • Help leaders and the director manage behavioural issues

After Camp

  • Provide support to the directors and leaders in their follow up
  • Keep praying for campers and leaders
  • Get some rest and put next year’s camp in your calendar!

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