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First-time riders and self-confessed pros will love a whole week of dust-kickin' fun!

Learn from expert riders and further your skills as you burn around the tracks on our fleet of 80s and 100s. Plus, learn more about bike care, skill up with pro tips and chill out by the pool each day. Add to that our great food, learning and chatting about our awesome God, as well as loads of activities and games.

Bikes and helmets are provided. Campers are encouraged to bring their own helmet if they own one. Height and weight restrictions apply. Minimum 120cm tall (minimum 75cm inner leg length) and maximum height of 170cm (this max height limit is designed for safety as well as comfort and optimal riding position). Maximum weight 80kg (in accordance with bike manufacturer).

DIRECTOR/S: Becky McCreath

Becky [aka Becadactyl] attends St. Thomas' Anglican Church, North Sydney. During the week you’ll find her at a computer covered in post it notes, solving big tech problems as a software engineering consultant. She’s been on Dirtbike camps for half her life and loved them since she was a camper, and is keen to get back on the tracks [and conquer the log climb!]


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