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Waiting List Questions

I missed out on a place, how does the wait list work? And other FAQ's...

Do I need to leave a deposit to put my child on a waiting list for camp?
No. If a place for your child becomes available, we will contact you and request the full camp fee to secure the booking.

If my child is on a waiting list and places on that camp become available, what do I do?
We will contact you and give you a set time period to register. After this time the place will be offered to the next person on the waiting list. If you have not been contacted, then places have not become available.

Can I place my child on more than one waiting list?
Yes, you are welcome to put your child on as many waiting lists as you like. If places become available on any of those camps, we will contact you as outlined above.

If I place my child on a waiting list for one camp and also register them for a second camp, can I switch to the first camp if places become available?
Yes, provided the transfer occurs within our transfer/cancellation policy as outlined in our booking terms and conditions. A transfer fee will apply, and transfers are not permitted once the 50% or full cancellation fee period is in place.

If my child is on a waiting list and their friend is already confirmed for that camp, will this help my child to get onto that camp?
No, your child will remain on the waiting list until places become available. These places will be offered in the order of registrations received.

How do I find out what position my child is in on the waiting list?
Please contact us if you require this information. If further places become available for a camp and your child is next on the list, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Our questions section is constantly updated to answer the common questions we receive. Please check through all the questions categories to find the answer you are looking for. If your question is not answered here, please call us on (02) 9874 8933 (option 1) or email us.

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Everything on my CRU Camp was enjoyable, but meeting new friends was definitely the best.

- Liam – Year 9

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