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Help campers explore Jesus claims and their worldview by sharing your faith on a CRU Camp!

CRU Camp Speakers prepare and present a series of age appropriate, creative and engaging talks explaining the good news of Jesus from the Bible. Speakers join campers and leaders in awesome activities and help answer campers questions about life and faith.

If you are interested in reaching kids with the Gospel as a CRU Camp Speaker, express your interest.

Sample Speaker Responsibilities

Before Camp

  • Register and complete required checks and online training
  • Attend training days and meetings
  • Read the CRU Camps Speakers manual
  • Prepare 4-6 talks, illustrations and games for the Christian Discovery sessions.

During Camp

  • Present the talks
  • Join in activities, get to know campers
  • Help leaders in their discussion groups or question times

After Camp

  • Participate in team meetings, program evaluation and reunions
  • Meet with the director and/or CRU Staff to review talks
  • Keep praying for the campers and leaders
  • Consider speaking again next year!

I'd like to speak on a CRU Camp


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